Council Minutes

Regular Council Meeting, May 7, 2024

The regular meeting of the Miramichi River Valley Council met in the Council Chambers at 18:00hrs, May 7, 2024, with Mayor Russell presiding.


The mayor called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the meeting. 

COUNCIL ATTENDANCE:  All in attendance.  Councillor Sheasgreen and Councillor M. Vickers attended via teams.

GUESTS: Raymond Singleton requested additional financial assistance for the Renous Arena in the amount of $13,150 for repairs. 

APPROVAL OF AGENDA                 

It was moved by Councillor S. Vickers & seconded by Councillor Sheasgreen to approve agenda as circulated. MOTION CARRIED.


Amanda Brennan – Street sweeping


It was moved by Councillor S. Vickers, seconded by Councillor Hallihan to adopt the minutes, as circulated, of the Regular Council meeting April 2, 2024.  MOTION CARRIED




Council has received all correspondence either through email or hard copy in their mailboxes.


Moved by Councillor Hallihan, seconded by Councillor S. Vickers that the bills in the amount of $20,088.03 for the month of April be paid. MOTION CARRIED


BY-LAWS: Third reading of Dangerous & Unsightly Premises bylaw is under new business.

FIRE DEPARTMENT: Councillor Hallihan reported that he met with Darcy Colepaugh over storing the groomers at the old Renous fire station. 

There will be air brake training May 11 at the Renous fire station.  There are 9 members from Renous, 7 from Sunny Corner and perhaps 3 from Miramichi to take part.

They hosted the firemen’s games on May 4.  There were 3 teams that took part: Renous, Sunny Corner and Upper Miramichi.

A meeting was held with the province to discuss boundaries. Wayne Manderville is going to finalize the maps and forward to the province.

RCMP: Councillor Sheasgreen reported:

Conversation was had with the RCMP about the increased speeds being noticed on the Warwick Road, concerned residents contacted me to see if we could relay to the office about this ongoing issue and ask for an increase in patrols on the Warwick Road area to try and get traffic to slow down.

Concerned business owners in the Sunny Corner area have asked for more RCMP presence in the late hours of the night due to increased questionable activity in the area, reported to RCMP about this concern and was relayed they have talked to some of the business owners about the issues and will do what they can as manpower allows.

EMO:  Councillor Hallihan reported that John Glidden with EMO reached out looking for a location for a 40-foot storage container. 

We agreed to take the container but haven’t heard back.

ANIMAL CONTROL:  Councillor Sheasgreen reported that:

Met with Tony Leblanc about the expectations from Mayor and Council on his duties, it was communicated that we do not request him to patrol the any of Miramichi River Valley and is to only answer calls from concerned residents, our Office, and Councilors or the RCMP about any animal concerns.

NBSPCA were contacted about a monthly report that we would like to have from them, their reply to the Office was their reporting software does not differentiate between areas where they have answered calls from for the month. I feel the taxpayers for Miramichi River Valley deserve to know how many calls were answered and how they were dealt with.

STREET LIGHTING: Councillor Gillespie had nothing to report.

LEISURE SERVICES: Councillor Morgan Vickers had nothing to report.

RECREATION: Councillor Brennan reported that a meeting was held on April 23 with the Blackville Rec Council.  Topics of discussion were bursary donations, grants for upgrades to lights at the ballpark, washer toss tournaments, slow pitch co ed tournaments, and weeping tile along the top of fence for safety.  Nothing to report for Renous and Sunny Corner.

AMBULANCE NB:  Councillor Gillespie reported had nothing to report.

TOURISM:  Councillor Sheasgreen reported: 

Met with Brock and Neil at the Tourism building and explained what the path forward is to be, they have started the sign stand in the parking lot and signs will be installed once the stand is completed.

I have contacted Red Bank First Nations to see if they would be interested in building a Teepee in the parking area of the Tourism building for the upcoming season, the Councilor I spoke with was taking the idea to their next meeting and going to let us know what they decide.

The custom made firepit that we had made was picked up from Fabcor and brought to the office garage until needed for installation.

Some local crafts people were contacted about displaying/selling some of their local made crafts at the building for the upcoming Tourist season.

I have spoken with Pamela Walls about a kid’s craft sale as well as setting up a weekly craft day at the Tourism Building for kids.

I will be at the Tourism Building on Saturday from 9-12 on May 11th  As well on Sunday June 2nd from 11-3 for anyone interested in meeting up with me to discuss any ideas for the summer at the building as well for those interested in displaying or selling their items for the upcoming Tourist Season, the shelving and display stands are completed on the main level so this would be a good time to have anyone interested to stop by and claim some space for their items.

Mayor Russell and I met with Les McLaughlin about some new ideas for our website and social media on highlighting tourist attractions in Miramichi River Valley area.

CANADA DAY:  Councillor Brennan reported that the fireworks have been booked as well as face painters and cotton candy.  Need to find entertainment and see if the firemen will be doing the bbq.

BEAUTIFICATION: Councillor Sharon Vickers suggested that we host a community cleanup.  Will discuss under new business.

ENVIRONMENTAL:  Councillor Sheasgreen reported that:

Myself, Mayor Russell and Melanie Rouselle met with Mr. Matchett from Delway at the Construction Dumpsite in Strathadam to show us around and the work they have ongoing and the upcoming work they hope to do at the site, they have committed to keeping the Council updated to any new progress at the site and invited us to visit the site anytime. The site was clean and very well maintained, the gate will be locked when nobody is there.

Met with Ian Donald from the Department of Environment in Sunny Corner about issues the Fire Department has from time to time loading water from the load points and questioned if it was possible to add or move the load points so that getting water during fires is not an issue, we checked out some various water access points where the trucks could load and it was determined that they are able to be accessed relatively easy and close enough that a fire truck could just use a suction hose instead of hard piped load points, he was ok with this during emergencies that require quick and easy places to load water. I talked with Chief Mike Jardine about this and requested that he makes sure that all the Fire Trucks are equipped with long enough suction hoses to reach various load points throughout the area, this will save time from having to go further to get water in some cases.

PARK: Councillor Brennan reported that the park workers have started back to work.  There are plenty of repairs needed on the shelters and washroom area.  Benches need to be added to playground area.  We are also going to be applying for funding for new playground equipment.  Looking into adding an inground trampoline.

We received a quote on having solar lighting installed in the park on the posts.  We will apply for funding for this as well.

UNSIGHTLY PREMISES: Councillor Gillespie had nothing to report.

FINANCE: Mayor Russell reported that the treasurer, Jennifer McLaughlin is to present a monthly financial report. 

BUILDINGS: Councillor Sharon Vickers reported that she received one quote for having the walkway in front of the municipal office replaced.  We are waiting on additional quotes.

Facia at the Blackville Rink building needs to be repaired.  Councillor Hallihan will work with her in finding someone to repair.

WASTEWATER SYSTEM: Councillor Sharon Vickers reported there are no issues with the wastewater system.

PUBLIC WORKS: Councillor Hallihan reported that funding may be coming to repair the first 8 km of Route 108.

Ditching needs to be done at the top of the Lockstead Road and a culvert may need to be added.  Ronnie Underhill will be contacted.

Regional Service Commission: Mayor Russell reported that he attended the following:

  • April 3, RSC, RDMO Meeting
  • April 16, PRAC Meeting 
  • April 17, RSC, RDMO Meeting. 
  • April 22, RSC Community Development Meeting
  • April 24, RSC Economic / Development Meeting
  • April 24, RSC Regular Meeting

All Agendas and minutes are forwarded to Council as they are received.

Publicity & Promotion:  Mayor Russell reported that all promotional postings are on social media or sent out by email.

He attended the following events during the month. 

  • April 2, MRV Council meeting.  
  • April 16, MRV Tourism Meeting.
  • April 16, MRV Special Meeting.
  • April 18, Dump site visit.
  • April 22, Meeting with park employees.
  • April 22, MRV / RQFD fire boundaries meeting.
  • April 22 Meeting with Snow Goers On old fire hall.
  • April 23, Meeting in Fredericton with Minister Savoie.
  • April 23, Meeting in Fredericton with Minister Holland.
  • April 24, Sunny Corner Thunder Official Opening.
  • April 27, BFD breakfast.
  • April 28, NSER fundraiser.
  • April 29, Fire Service Meeting.
  • April 30, RSC Composting Workshop.


(10.1) Walkway Community Centre

We received a quote from R. Tozer Construction on replacing the walkway at the community centre.  We are waiting on quotes from three other businesses.  This will be discussed further next month.

(10.2) New Lawn Mower

Moved by Councillor Sheasgreen, seconded by Councillor Brennan to purchase a new cub cadet mower from G&G Brothers in the amount of $6499 Plus HST.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.3) Bylaw #6 Animal Control

     To review for next month.

(10.4) Bylaw #7 Dangerous & Unsightly Premises


Moved by Councillor Hallihan, seconded by Councillor Brennan to approve Bylaw #7. MOTION CARRIED

(10.5) Cameras at the Tourism Information Building

Moved by Councillor Sheasgreen, seconded by Councillor Brennan to approve the quote from Solar Eye Limited in the amount of $3050 Plus HST to install security cameras at the information centre.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.6) Fire Truck Renous/Quarryville

Moved by Councillor Hallihan, seconded by Councillor S. Vickers to purchase a new fire truck from MetalFab for the Renous/Quarryville Fire Department in the amount of $721,400. Plus HST MOTION CARRIED.

(10.7) Community Garden Donation

A discussion was held on a request for donation to the community garden.  Having provided them with the garden property and a sign previously, we will not make additional donations at this time.

(10.8) Cleaning Ditches

We will approach Blackville, North & South Esk and Millerton schools to see if they are interested in cleaning the ditches in their communities.

(10.9) Lighting in Parking Lot at Community Centre

Moved by Councillor Hallihan, seconded by Councillor Brennan to have Dinan Contracting install LED lights in the Blackville Community Centre parking lot in the amount of $6750 plus HST.   MOTION CARRIED.

(10.10) Rock & Lighting for Municipal Park

Moved by Councillor Brennan, seconded by Councillor S. Vickers to allow the clerk to applying for funding for park upgrades including lighting and playground equipment for the municipal park.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.11) Garbage Pickup

Councillor S. Vickers would like to organize a community cleanup for the week of June 10-15.  This will be advertised on our web page; asking people to take pride in their community and clean up trash.  

(10.12) Grad Prize List

We will provide two grad prizes in the amount of $100 to Blackville High School and two grad prizes in the amount of $100 to North & South Esk High School. Recipients will be chosen by the schools.

Councillor Brennan left the meeting after declaring a conflict of interest in agenda item (10.13) Sweeping Streets.

(10.13) Sweeping of Streets

Moved by Councillor Sheasgreen, seconded by Councillor Hallihan to approve the quote from Donovan’s Mobile Wash in the amount of $4500 plus HST to sweep the municipal streets.  MOTION CARRIED.

Councillor Brennan rejoined the meeting.

In Camera session called to discuss wages for labourers at 19:50.

Regular Session Back in session at 20:15.

(10.14) Park Employee Salary

Moved by Councillor Brennan, seconded by Councillor Hallihan to approve the labourer’s salary as discussed in camera for the 2024 season. MOTION CARRIED.

Moved by Councillor Hallihan to adjourn the meeting at 20:30.

Council Meetings

Council meets in regular session on the first Tuesday of each month. Meetings begin at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers at the Miramichi River Valley Municipal Office, 12 Bartholomew Road South in Blackville and are open to the public.

If you wish to address Council, please contact the municipal office at 506-843-6337 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.


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