Council Minutes

Regular Council Meeting, May 10, 2023

The regular meeting of the Miramichi River Valley Council met in the Council Chambers at 18:00hrs May 10, 2023 with Mayor Russell presiding.


The Mayor called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the meeting. 


All in attendance.

GUESTS: Marco Johnson with the RCMP was in attendance to address any issues council may have.  Councillor Brennan brought up the issues we continue to have with four wheelers in the village.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA                 

It was moved by Councillor Sheasgreen & seconded by Councillor Gillespie to approve agenda as circulated. MOTION CARRIED.


No conflicts of interest declared.


It was moved by Councillor M. Vickers, seconded by Councillor Hallihan to adopt the minutes, as circulated, of the Regular Council meeting April 12, 2023.  MOTION CARRIED




Council has received all correspondence either through email or hard copy in their mail boxes.


Moved by Councillor Brennan, seconded by Councillor S. Vickers that the bills in the amount of $52,085.23 be paid. MOTION CARRIED.


BY-LAWS: Councillor Morgan Vickers had nothing to report.

FIRE DEPARTMENT: Councillor Hallihan reported that E.F.F course was completed by DNR on May 9th.  Five members from Sunny Corner and four members from Renous / Quarryville attended.

New fire chief in Sunny Corner will be Mike Jardine.

New level one course on June 2-3.

Great turnout for the first appreciation night on May 6.

Spring convention @ the Fredericton Inn May 26-27 for fire service.

Chief Sturgeon gave fire report for Blackville for the month of April 2023.  Total manpower available (19), Call responded to within village during month (1), call outside village (3), training session held (5); New equipment: trauma bag; Equipment Not in Service:

RCMP: Councillor Sheasgreen reported that he has received requests from citizens to rent the upstairs of fire hall in Sunny Corner.  RCMP is not charged rental fees as they use the building as it is.  Rental fee will be discussed under new business. 

EMO:  Councillor Hallihan reported that ICS 100 course will be put on for fire departments.

DOG CONTROL: Councillor Sheasgreen reported that all but the current village of Blackville is covered under the contact with the province and will remain until the end of the contract.

STREET LIGHTING: Councillor Gillespie reported that a streetlight is needed in Strathadam.  Council agrees and will contact DTI to see who is responsible.

LEISURE SERVICES: Councillor Morgan Vickers had nothing to report.

RECREATION: Councillor Brennan reported that June 17 is the tentative date to have the nets installed for the tennis court/basketball court.  We would like to have them sooner and will ask to have it done asap. 

Councillor Brennan attended a meeting in Sunny Corner.  They have lots of things on the go for the summer.  Dance, car show, family events, etc. 

Renous is slated to have a meeting this Sunday and she will report on that next month.

The Lock & Key fundraiser that Blackville has started is getting off the ground.  Details on the dance are worked on as well as the woodmen’s competition and ball tournament.

AMBULANCE NB:  Councillor Gillespie had nothing to report.

TOURISM:  Councillor Sheasgreen reported that a meeting was held May 8 at the municipal office.  Krista Chase with RDC was in attendance offering her support on any questions we may have.  Topics discussed were signage and how to budget for new signs to direct tourist to tourist destinations.

CANADA DAY:  Councillor Brennan reported that plans for Canada Day are coming together.

BEAUTIFICATION: Councillor Sharon Vickers had nothing to report.

PARK: Councillor Brennan reported that park workers will return to work May 15.  The mowers have been serviced.

UNSIGHTLY PREMISES: Councillor Darlene Gillespie reported that she hasn’t received a response on the call that was made regarding a property on Main Street in Blackville but the property is being cleaned up. 

FINANCE: Mayor Russell reported that monthly financial reports will be given each month starting next month.

BUILDINGS: Councillor Sharon Vickers reported that she contacted  Kirby Mountain on replacing some shingles on the community centre that have blown off.  He estimated it would cost $600 to repair.

An attempt was made to reach Brock Curtis regarding the tourism building but unable to make contact.

SEWER: Councillor Sharon Vickers reported that she spoke with Dana Hogan regarding the wastewater system and all is normal.  The system has been flushed.

PUBLIC WORKS: Councillor Hallihan reported he spoke with Mike Dawson (MLA) and Mike Richard (DTI) regarding ditching issues on top of Lockstead road.  They assured him that they would find money this summer to fix the problem.

Regional Service Commission: Mayor Russell reported he attended a meeting on April 21 with GMRSC solid waste.  All correspondence and minutes have been forwarded to council.

Attended a GMRSC regular monthly board meeting on April 26.  Agenda and minutes are forwarded to council.

Attended a GMRSC community development meeting on May 1. 

Publicity & Promotion:  Mayor Russell reported that all promotional postings are on our social media. There was one media conversation regarding the Blackville Health Centre.


(10.1) Sweeping Streets

Moved by Councillor Hallihan, seconded by Councillor Sheasgreen to accept the estimate from 685794 NB Inc. to sweep the village streets in the amount of $4000 plus HST. 


(10.2) Bylaw #5 Procedural Bylaw


Moved by Councillor Brennan, seconded by Councillor S. Vickers to approve Bylaw #5. MOTION CARRIED

(10.3) Sunny Corner Arena

Discussion was held on funding for the Sunny Corner arena.  Councillor Sheasgreen is going to meet with the recreation council and discuss needs further.

(10.4) Street Light Strathadam

Mayor Russell is going to speak with DTI to see if they are responsible for installing the streetlight.

(10.5) AMANB Conference

Moved by Councillor M. Vickers, seconded by Councillor Brennan to close the municipal office on June 7, 8, 9 as staff will be attending the AMANB conference.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.6) Housing Group

Moved by Councillor Brennan, seconded by Councillor S. Vickers to form a housing group committee to work with the Miramichi Regional Housing Authority.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.7) Work Schedule

Moved by Councillor Brennan, seconded by Councillor S. Vickers to approve the proposed summer work schedule.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.8) Lawn Mower

Moved by Councillor Hallihan, seconded by Councillor S. Vickers to approve the purchase of a new lawn mower at a cost not to exceed $5000 including HST.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.9) Northern Bypass

Mayor Russell discussed the importance of the northern bypass.

(10.10) Letter of Agreement

A discussion was held on the request from Southesk Miramichi Victory Living Inc. for the Miramichi River Valley to take responsibility of the maintenance of the wastewater infrastructure and wastewater equipment for a 10-unit apartment complex.  Council agreed that we fully support the endeavour but will not take responsibility for the wastewater infrastructure or equipment.

(10.11) Grad Prize Lists

Two $100 bursaries will be given to Blackville School and two to the Sunny Corner school for the graduation.  The graduates receiving the bursaries will be chosen by the schools.

(10.12) Invoices & Payables

Mayor Russell asked council to sign all invoices for purchases they make on behalf of the Miramichi River Valley to ensure items have been received.    

(10.13) Grant Application

Moved by Councillor Gillespie, seconded by Councillor Brennan to permit the clerk to make an application for funding under the Community Development Fund and one under the Community Investment Fund for tourism information centre landscaping and beautification.  MOTION CARRIED

(10.14) Remembrance Day Flags

Moved by Councillor Hallihan, seconded by Councillor Sheasgreen to approve the request from the Legion to put up Remembrance Day flags on the vacant poles throughout the village.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.15) Dog Control Update

There was a brief discussion on the animal control budget within in the Miramichi River Valley.  Clerk to find out who our local representative is for animal control with the SPCA.

(10.16) Williamstown Community Centre

A letter of support will be sent to the Williamstown Community Centre in support of their application for funding to repair their community centre.

(10.17) Letter of Approval SC Days

A letter will be sent in stating the Miramichi River Valley has no objection to the North and South Esk Recreation Committee applying for a special events licence.

(10.18) Fire Chief Sunny Corner

Moved by Councillor M. Vickers, seconded by Councillor S. Vickers to appoint Mike Jardine as the fire chief of the Sunny Corner fire department effective May 13, 2023.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.19) Building Rental Fees

The rental fee for the upstairs at the fire hall in Sunny Corner will be $75.

(10.20) Next Council Meeting Date

The next council meeting will be held on June 13 at 6:00 pm due to staff being away for conference on June 6.

Moved by Councillor Brennan to adjourn the meeting at 19:20 hours.

Council Meetings

Council meets in regular session on the first Tuesday of each month. Meetings begin at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers at the Miramichi River Valley Municipal Office, 12 Bartholomew Road South in Blackville and are open to the public.

If you wish to address Council, please contact the municipal office at 506-843-6337 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.


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