About Miramichi River Valley

Established on January 1, 2023, the Rural Community of Miramichi River Valley includes the former Village of Blackville and the Local Service Districts of Blackville, Renous-Quarryville, North Esk, South Esk, Derby and Sunny Corner. It is governed by an elected council made up of a mayor and six councillors.

Discover the Rural Community of Miramichi River Valley

Is your ‘inner angler’ calling?

Explore the region that boasts nearly 50% of all North American rod-caught, Atlantic salmon per year. Nurture your angling talent with experienced local guides and take the opportunity to catch ‘the big one’ as tens of thousands of Atlantic salmon make their way up the river annually… discover one of the region’s many fishing pools and experience nature at its best with just you, the river and the King of Fish.

Then, rest your head at one of the rustic, yet luxurious, lodges that dot our area and dream of doing it all again… tomorrow.