Council Minutes

Regular Council Meeting, August 1, 2023

The regular meeting of the Miramichi River Valley Council met in the Council Chambers at 18:00hrs August 1,2023 with Mayor Russell presiding.


The Mayor called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the meeting. 


Councillor Sheasgreen and Councillor Gillespie were absent.

GUESTS: Bobby Norton with the MVSC gave a presentation to council on their plans to purchase a groomer and build a groomer shed.  They have received a grant from ACOA for the groomer and a grant from RDC for the groomer shed.  Mr. Norton was asking for any support the council can give to their project.  The council has agreed to send a letter of support to the MVSC.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA                 

It was moved by Councillor M. Vickers & seconded by Councillor S. Vickers to approve agenda as circulated. MOTION CARRIED.


No conflicts of interest declared.


It was moved by Councillor M.  Vickers, seconded by Councillor Hallihan to adopt the minutes, as circulated, of the Regular Council meeting July 4, 2023.  MOTION CARRIED




Council has received all correspondence either through email or hard copy in their mailboxes.


Moved by Councillor Brennan, seconded by Councillor S. Vickers that the bills in the amount of $32,848.23 be paid. MOTION CARRIED.


BY-LAWS: Councillor Morgan Vickers had nothing to report.

FIRE DEPARTMENT: Councillor Hallihan reported that Renous has been busy with calls from brush fires, fatal accidents, false alarms, and mutual aid calls. 

No word yet from Metalfab on the estimate for a new fire truck.

Bike rally in memory of Blane and Fallon Sturgeon was held on July 29.  107 bikes raised approximately $850 from donations in a firefighter boot.  The propane was donated by Stewart’s and the hamburgers donated by Sobeys.

Met with all fire departments over a concern from Worksafe NB on firefighters speeding to calls with their personal vehicles.

Ladder’s test at Sunny Corner and Renous.

Attended Garth Underhill’s funeral.

Sunny Corner fire department – They are having lots of issues with Grey Rock construction’s work on the fire hall.  Drywall cracking, electrical problems, etc.

Chief Sturgeon gave fire report for Blackville for the month of July 2023.  Total manpower available (18), Call responded to within village during month (2), call outside village (5), training session held (1); New equipment: NIL; Equipment Not in Service: NIL

RCMP: Councillor Sheasgreen had nothing to report on the RCMP.  There was an issue at the detachment in the Sunny Corner fire hall with leaking windows.  The issue was forwarded to Councillor Dwain Hallihan who confirmed that he would investigate the issue.

EMO:  Councillor Hallihan had nothing to report.

ANIMAL CONTROL:  Councillor Sheasgreen had nothing to report.

STREET LIGHTING: Councillor Gillespie was absent.  No report.

LEISURE SERVICES: Councillor Morgan Vickers had nothing to report.

RECREATION: Councillor Brennan reported the new president for the Recreation Council is Allan Furlong and the vice is Daniel Richard.  A washer toss was held July 29.  Planning for a busy weekend coming up with Blackville Days. 

There is a busted sewer pipe at the ballpark.  Shirley Underhill is looking at repairing it for us.  Looking at having a 4 on 4 basketball tournament. The next meeting will be on August 14.

AMBULANCE NB:  Councillor Gillespie was absent.  No report.

TOURISM:  Councillor Sheasgreen’s report:  I have touched base and visited some of our tourism related businesses throughout the Miramichi River Valley, Vickers tubing, Upriver Ice Cream, our tourist information building in Blackville and Avadata Yoga and Dungarvon Pastures, I have also touched base with the owner of the new camp found in Blackville and he was not in the area at this time, but we are meeting up later in August. All the businesses that I visited were very welcoming and had very positive feedback on us doing this for them, I informed them all that we would share their business and photos on our social media and web page, and they all loved the idea. If Mayor and Council approve of these visits and taking pictures and videos then I will continue to do these to bring our tourism related businesses into the spotlight, I have plans to visit 4 more businesses later in August if I can move forward doing this.

Our Tourist Information building in Blackville has officially opened and a temporary sign is up on the porch, I would like to move that we plan a time to do a grand opening of the building if all in favor and invite the folks that did all the renovations.

CANADA DAY:  Councillor Brennan had nothing to report.

BEAUTIFICATION: Councillor Sharon Vickers would like to get some flowers for the tourism information centre and get the signs up.

PARK: Councillor Brennan reported that the park will need a new mower next year and we should include this in the budget.  The washrooms are also in need of repair soon. 

The night market is going well, the next event will be on August 9.

The Wellness Committee is happy to be a part of their evenings bringing together the entertainment as well as supporting local vendors.

The community garden is going well.

UNSIGHTLY PREMISES: Councillor Gillespie was absent.  No report.

FINANCE: Mayor Russell reported that the treasurer, Jennifer McLaughlin will present a monthly financial report.

BUILDINGS: Councillor Sharon Vickers reported that Danny Underhill will be coming to fix ventilation issue at the community centre building and Kirby Mountain will be repairing the shingles that have blown off the building. 

SEWER: Councillor Sharon Vickers reported that there are no issues with the wastewater system.

PUBLIC WORKS: Councillor Hallihan reported the road edge by Mayor Russell’s home needs repair now.  Planning to meet with MLA, Mike Dawson.

Work on the Lockstead Road by Paula Jardine’s needs to be done.  It requires two 24’ pipes and ditching.

Regional Service Commission: Mayor Russell reported he attended a meeting on July 11, GMRSC standing committee and a meeting on July 26, GMRSC regular monthly meeting.  All agendas and minutes are forwarded to council as they are received.

Publicity & Promotion:  Mayor Russell reported that he attended the following events during the month.

June 30, Thomas Dunn ball tournament opening ceremonies.

July 1, SCFD Canada Day breakfast.

July 4, MRV Council meeting.

July 10, Meeting with Huge Hallihan.

July 15, Meeting in Boiestown with Mayor Munn, and Mayor O’Donnell’s to discuss the trail head.

July 19, Meeting in Doaktown with Minister Savoie, and MLA Dawson to discuss local government.

July 20, Meeting in Neguac with the five mayors to discuss GMRSC regional strategy plan.

July 28, Meeting with MLA, Dawson and Dewey Somers, victory, Baptist housing.


(10.1) Insurance Deductibles

A discussion was held on increasing our insurance deductibles.  It was decided not to make any changes to our current policy.

(10.2) Land use Plans Province

A news release from the province on modernizing land use planning in New Brunswick was discussed.

(10.3) Village Property Letter

A discussion was held on a letter of complaint we received regarding a piece of municipal property.  Council sees no issue with the land.  Councillor Morgan Vickers will send a letter to the complainant and try to resolve the matter.

(10.4) Signage

With the new entity in place, we need to purchase new signage, flags, letterhead, etc.  Clerk will request quotes from three businessesThe province is providing funding for these items.

(10.5) Parking Area Tourism Building

Moved by Councillor Hallihan, seconded by Councillor S. Vickers to approve the additional payment to Ronnie Underhill Trucking in the amount of $4960 to deliver 32 load of driveway stone to the tourism information centre parking lot.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.6) Mini Split / Defibrillator

Councillor Hallihan will request a quote to have the mini split moved from the old tourism information centre to the new one and will investigate funding opportunities for a defibrillator.

(10.7) Brush Cutting Ditches Blackville

Moved by Councillor Brennan, seconded by Councillor Hallihan to approve the quote from William Hachey in the amount of $6800 (plus HST) to mow along roadside within the Blackville limits.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.8) Atlantic Institution Renous

Mayor Russell will reach out to our Member of Parliament, Jake Stewart, and Monique with the Atlantic Institution to request a meeting to discuss the institution.  

(10.9) Fire Hall Repairs SC

A meeting will be set up with Gray Rock Construction, Councillor S. Vickers, Councillor Hallihan and the former fire chief of Sunny Corner, Darren Hambrook to discuss the issues they are having at the Sunny Corner Fire Department.

(10.10) Truck & Maintenance Worker

Mayor Russell brought forth the idea of hiring a full-time maintenance worker to service the entire Miramichi River Valley area and a municipal truck.  This will be discussed further before the budget process begins.

Moved by Councillor M. Vickers to adjourn the meeting at 20:20 hours.

Council Meetings

Council meets in regular session on the first Tuesday of each month. Meetings begin at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers at the Miramichi River Valley Municipal Office, 12 Bartholomew Road South in Blackville and are open to the public.

If you wish to address Council, please contact the municipal office at 506-843-6337 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.


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