Council Minutes

Regular Council Meeting, April 2, 2024

The regular meeting of the Miramichi River Valley Council met in the Council Chambers at 18:00hrs, April 2, 2024 with Mayor Russell presiding.


The mayor called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the meeting. 

COUNCIL ATTENDANCE:  All in attendance.  Councillor Sheasgreen attended via teams.

GUESTS: Dawn Dunn and Wendy Astle presented council with a list of approximately 80 names with concerns over the winter maintenance on the Howard Road.

Tony Leblanc and Stacy Jenkins presented the animal control report for the month of March.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA               

It was moved by Councillor M. Vickers & seconded by Councillor S. Vickers to approve agenda as circulated. MOTION CARRIED.


No conflicts declared.


It was moved by Councillor S. Vickers, seconded by Councillor Hallihan to adopt the minutes, as circulated, of the Regular Council meeting March 5, 2024.  MOTION CARRIED

It was moved by Councillor M. Vickers, seconded by Councillor Gillespie to adopt the minutes, as circulated, of the Special Council meeting March 19, 2024.  MOTION CARRIED




Council has received all correspondence either through email or hard copy in their mailboxes.


Moved by Councillor Hallihan, seconded by Councillor M. Vickers that the bills in the amount of $15,875.11 for the month of March be paid. MOTION CARRIED

Moved by Councillor S. Vickers, seconded by Councillor Gillespie that the bills in the amount of $10,867.17 for the month of April be paid. MOTION CARRIED


BY-LAWS: Councillor Morgan Vickers has reviewed the Dangerous & Unsightly Premises bylaw as well as an Animal Control Bylaw drafted by the clerk, and we will have first and second readings under new business.

FIRE DEPARTMENT: Councillor Hallihan reported that a leadership workshop will be held this weekend, paid for by the MVFFA.  RQFD responded to 2 false alarms.  SCFD had a high-water rescue today.

Spoke with Patterson’s on purchasing snow removal equipment.

RCMP: Councillor Sheasgreen reported:

The RCMP contacted me with a request to use the upstairs of the Sunny Corner Firehall for the Major Crimes Unit to set up for a few days, I have given Jason Leblanc with the RCMP permission to use it and will be getting a spare key made for them for cases like this, an email was sent out to Mayor and Council to let them know of the approval of this.

Tina and I had a Teams meeting with the RCMP about the increase in rent we are charging them at the Firehall in Sunny Corner, we have reached an agreement that was good for both sides and the agreement will be signed and sent to the office.

EMO:  Councillor Hallihan had nothing to report.

ANIMAL CONTROL:  Councillor Sheasgreen reported that:

Tony Leblanc has taken over as our Animal Control Officer for Miramichi River Valley at a cost agreed upon by Tony, Mayor and Council of $1000 a month, Tina has sent a letter to NBSPCA that Miramichi River Valley no longer requires their services, we will no longer be making payments for animal control services, Council had agreed that there was a lack of service from NBSPCA and communication with them was difficult for our residents. We will post our new animal control officer’s contact information on our website and social media to inform the residents of Miramichi River Valley.

There was a home reported with 6 dogs that were left alone due to reasons out of our control, Tony went to the house and reported back that everything was under control and the animals are looked after at this point.

Signs have been put up in the Blackville Park that Dogs MUST remain on leash when in the park.

STREET LIGHTING: Councillor Gillespie reported that there have been more requests for streetlights.  This will be discussed under new business.  The poles have been installed for the new lights going on the Parker Road.

LEISURE SERVICES: Councillor Morgan Vickers had nothing to report.

RECREATION: Councillor Brennan reported that no meetings have been held in Blackville or Renous.  Sunny Corner is looking into grants for roller skate purchase.  They received funding from RDC for the court project and looking for funds wherever possible to capitalize on projects.

AMBULANCE NB:  Councillor Gillespie reported that there is no change.

TOURISM:  Councillor Sheasgreen reported: 

Met with Brock and Neil at the Tourism building to show them what we want quotes on before we continue with some of the projects, as well they are working on finishing the shelves on the Main floor and a brochure stand to free up the shelving. They are also going to finish up the skirting around the front porch area.

Met with Tina at the office and we ordered a new fridge for the basement of the Tourism building, 2 steel benches and 2 steel garbage cans for outside the building.

Contacted Steven Foran at Fabcor to make a Firepit for the Tourism building, he is going to get a start on it ASAP and the cost is $1060.76 including taxes for a custom firepit with Miramichi River Valley logo cut into a 48” ring size with legs welded to it so it can be cemented into the ground.

There is a draft copy of the Tourist Guide that was sent out via email to Council, after reading through it there seems to be some businesses from Miramichi River Valley that did not make it into the guide, through email follow up with Amanda Craig it was reported that the form required to have a business put into the Tourist Guide was emailed out several times to all the business owners asking them to fill it out and return, to double check I reached out to the businesses in question and they were not contacted about this form or the guide, I have personally sent the form out to them all and have sent one in from Sunny Corner Days to Amanda, as well I will send the others in as they email the form back to me. I have requested that going forward the Tourism Department in charge of the Guide send Miramichi River Valley Office a copy of the form for the future tourism seasons.

I will be setting up a Tourism Committee meeting for mid April and will get the date and time posted on our social media and website for people to share, the purpose of the Meeting will be to ask business owners if they have interest in me stopping by their place of business to do a video like the previous Tourism season so that we can highlight what we have to offer in our area.

CANADA DAY:  Councillor Brennan reported that she will reach out to Sky Designs for a quote on the fireworks for July 1.

BEAUTIFICATION: Councillor Sharon Vickers had nothing to report.

ENVIRONMENTAL:  Councillor Sheasgreen reported that:

A letter was sent to the province back in Feb requesting information on the New Dump Site in Strathadam, they have emailed back all the information about the site, the reason for the letter I sent is there were some concerned residents from the area about the burned down building in the City that was being disposed of at the dumpsite, after review of the information that was provided back to me it is concluded that the necessary changes to the Pemit and Lease were made in early 2024 so that burnt material was permitted to be dumped at the site, I will be reaching out to the operator of the site to visit the dumpsite to confirm that everything is as per the permit states so I can report back to the residents that are concerned. I will ask the company to post at the entrance what is being allowed to be dumped so that in the future there will be open communication between the Operator of the site and the near by residents. I have asked for the Operator to report any changes going forward that are made to the permit for the lease so it can be documented at our office.

I have reached out to the Department of Environment (Ian Donald) about the movement of water loading stations for the Fire Trucks in Sunny Corner, Fire Chief Mike Jardine has mentioned that the two loading stations they have do not supply the water needed to load the trucks fast enough, I have scoped out a place to move one of the loading stations too and Ian has confirmed he would work with us to make sure we are able to put the station where requested with no environmental issues, I will report back if and when the change is made once all the snow and ice has cleared the area.

PARK: Councillor Brennan reported that work needs to be done on the floors and entryway of the park washrooms.  The gazebo needs to be replaced and should get a quote to finish the walking trails in the park.

UNSIGHTLY PREMISES: Councillor Gillespie had nothing to report.

FINANCE: Mayor Russell reported that the treasurer, Jennifer McLaughlin is to present a monthly financial report. 

BUILDINGS: Councillor Sharon Vickers reported that she called North Shore Construction and asked if they could give us a quote in fixing the pavement at the entry way of this building. 

WASTEWATER SYSTEM: Councillor Sharon Vickers reported the lagoon is normal and all catch basins okay, the system will be flushed later in spring. Maintenace operator has requested a raise for managing wastewater system. He informed me MacLaggan drive was added years ago, and he’s still paid the same.

PUBLIC WORKS: Councillor Hallihan reported that potholes are an issue on many roads, route 108 was addressed today.  Spoke with Joey Williams regarding route 420.    

Regional Service Commission: Mayor Russell reported that he attended the following:

March 12, RSC/ RCMP Meeting.

March 19, PRAC Meeting. 

March 21, RSC Waste Reduction & Recycling Meeting. 

March 27, RSC Regular Meeting.

All Agendas and minutes are forwarded to Council as they are received.

Publicity & Promotion:  Mayor Russell reported that all promotional postings are on social media or sent out by email.

He attended the following events during the month. 

March 5, MRV Council meeting.  

March 8, MRV / Housing Meeting.

March 14, RSC Mapping Meeting.

March 16, RQFD Breakfast and Honoring Bob Hallihan.

March 18, Meeting with MLA Dawson and Bus drive on Rte 420.

March 19, MRV Audit Report meeting.

March 19-21, UMNB Meetings in Fredericton.

March 25, Meeting with Adaptive Office Solutions Brett Gallant, Tina & Jennifer. 

March 25, Meeting with MLA Dawson

March 25, Meeting Shawn Morrison/ Jake Stewart.


(10.1) Howard Road Conditions

A discussion was held on the complaints received regarding winter maintenance on the Howard Road.  It was agreed that we will make a request to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure that they take back servicing the Howard Road.

(10.2) Eclipse

A discussion was held on the eclipse. We will not be having any special events as the City of Miramichi is having a big event with music, food trucks, etc.

(10.3) Bylaw #6 Animal Control


Moved by Councillor M. Vickers, seconded by Councillor Hallihan to approve Bylaw #6. MOTION CARRIED


Moved by Councillor Gillespie, seconded by Councillor Sheasgreen to approve Bylaw #6.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.4) Bylaw #7 Dangerous & Unsightly Premises


Moved by Councillor S. Vickers, seconded by Councillor Brennan to approve Bylaw #7. MOTION CARRIED


Moved by Councillor Gillespie, seconded by Councillor Hallihan to approve Bylaw #7.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.5) Park Employees Start Date

Park workers will begin work mid-May; exact date is depending on weather.  Wayne Doucet will begin work on servicing the lawn tractors next week, so they are ready to go when the park opens.

(10.6) Street Lights

Moved by Councillor Gillespie, seconded by Councillor Sheasgreen to approve the installation of three new streetlights; one at the intersection of the Parker Road and route 108, one at the intersection of Williamstown Road and route 108, and one at the end of the Maple Glen Road where it meets the CI Road.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.7) Strategic Plan

Council will meet on April 16, 2024, to discuss the goals they would like to achieve over the next two years on council.

(10.8) Sweeping Streets

A notification will be posted on our website and socials that we are accepting bids on sweeping the municipal streets.

(10.9) Support Letter UMNB

Moved by Councillor Hallihan, seconded by Councillor Sheasgreen to send a letter to Minister Wilson expressing our disappointment in the province for the insert included with the property tax bills blaming our community and avoid acknowledging the crucial role the provincial government plays in municipal finances.  MOTION CARRIED.

(10.10) Cyber Security

A discussion was held on the proposal sent by Adaptive Office Solutions on our cyber security. We will look into obtaining another quote before making a decision.

(10.11) Tourism

A discussion was held on the 2024 Tourism Guide created by the City of Miramichi and the lack of coverage the Miramichi River Valley has in the brochure.  Councillor Sheasgreen will look into having a brochure made for the Miramichi River Valley area.

(10.12) Old Fire Hall in Renous

Councillor Gillespie has been approached by the Miramichi Snow Goers Club asking to use the old fire hall as a storage area for their groomer.  The building will have to be measured to ensure there is adequate room for the groomer.  A meeting will be held with the club to discuss.

(10.13) Renous Arena

Councillor Gillespie informed council that the rink in Renous needs to repair a leak and asked if there was additional funding we could provide for the repair.  Council agreed that the rink would need to use their budgeted amount of $65,000 towards the repair and no additional funding will be provided. 

Moved by Councillor Hallihan to adjourn the meeting at 20:05.

Council Meetings

Council meets in regular session on the first Tuesday of each month. Meetings begin at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers at the Miramichi River Valley Municipal Office, 12 Bartholomew Road South in Blackville and are open to the public.

If you wish to address Council, please contact the municipal office at 506-843-6337 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.


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