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A Tribute to our Local Heroes: Honour Roll

Residents of Blackville and its surrounding communities have a very proud and rich history of rising to the call of service to their country.

During World War I and II, hundreds of men and women from our community entered the ranks of our Armed Forces to defend our great country. Their actions would secure our freedom and, in turn, set the course of history.  They responded in very large numbers, leaving the comforts of home and family to serve in foreign lands facing untold dangers. Many were either killed in action or shed their blood in order to ensure our freedom.

We will remember them… always.

Killed in Action
Arbeau, Arthur
Arbeau, Charles B.
Burke, Roy
Colepaugh, Bernard
Connors, Cyril
Coughlan, Kenneth
Curtis, Howard Jr.
Curtis, Spurgeon
Duffy, Raymond
Johnson, Borden
Layton, Stansilaus
McDonnell, Scott
McKendrick, Raymond
Manderville, Malcolm
Peterson, Sandy
Porter, Simon
Ross, Francis
Underhill, Theophilis

Those who have died since demobilization
Arbeau, Lt. Col. Alma
Arbeau, Benjamin
Arbeau, Charles
Arbeau, Edison
Arbeau, Edward
Arbeau, Fred
Arbeau, Herman
Arbeau, Oscar
Arbeau, Ronald
Arbeau, Stanley
Astle, Hiram
Baker, Clara
Barry, Bliss
Barry, George
Bastarache, Emery
Beaton, Malcolm
Buggie, Aloysuis
Buggie, Cyril
Buggie, Harold
Buggie, Lloyd
Buggie, Lyman
Burke, Simon
Burns, Carmen
Burns, Earle
Burns, Gerald
Burns, Gordon
Burns, John
Burns, Vincent
Burns, Winslow
Campbell, Benjamin
Campbell, Charles
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, Malcolm
Campbell, Nathaniel
Campbell, Paul
Chevarie, Gaspard
Clark, Ethel May
Clark, Lyman
Colford, Allan
Colford, Henry
Colford, Walter
Colford, William
Colepaugh, Crumley
Colepaugh, Daniel
Connors, Arnold
Connors, Bentley
Connors, Charles
Connors, Eugene
Corney, Omer
Coughlan, Arthur
Coughlan, Burpee
Coughlan, Clifton
Coughlan, Huntley
Coughlan, Leland
Coughlan, Merlin
Coughlan, Warren
Crawford, Fred
Crawford, Harvey
Crawford, Ralph
Crawford, Robert
Crawford, Wilson (Jr.)
Crawford, Wilson (Sr.)
Curtis, Albert
Curtis, Byron
Curtis, Cecil
Curtis. Ella
Curtis, Garland
Curtis, Gwendolin
Curtis, Johnson
Curtis, Murray (Jr)
Curtis, Murray (Sr)
Curtis, Roy
Curtis, Wilmot
Davidson, William
Delassio, Andrew Jr.
Delassio, Helen
Dolan, Charles
Dolan, Dennis

Dolan, Frank Jr.
Donahue, Michael
Donahue, Stephen
Donald, Cuthbert, Lt. Col.
Donald, Lloyd
Donovan, George
Donovan, Roy
Doyle, Walter
Duffney, Delano
Dunphy, Alvin
Dunphy, Arthur
Dunphy, Earle
Ellison, Robert
Fortune, John
Fortune, Joyce
Foy, Stanley
Frenette, Wallace
Gallan, Harry
Garrish, John
Gilks, Lawrence
Gilks, Merle
Goodwin, Floyd
Grady, Lyall
Grattan, Peter
Hallihan, Christopher
Hallihan, Gerald
Hallihan, Flora
Hambrook, Donald
Harris, Benjamin
Hartling, Edgar
Hayes, Jack
Hayes, Reginald
Hemphill, Orland
Hennessy, John
Hennessy, Weaver
Hogan, Simon
Hollier, Ernest
Holmes, Glen
Hovey, Earle
Jardine, Archie
Jardine, Benjamin
Jardine, Benson
Jardine, Emery
Jardine, Robert E.
Keenan, Peter
Kennedy, Howard
Legere, Peter
Lewis, Lydia
Lewis, Marshall
MacDonald, Gordon
MacDonald, Hawsley
MacDonald, Marven
MacDonald, Stanley
MacDonald, Walter
MacDonald, Wesley
MacGregor, Dorothy
MacGregor, Edith
MacGregor, Frank
MacGregor, Hubert
MacIntyre, George
MacKenzie, Hobart
MacRae, Clarence
MacRae, Edison
MacRae, Eldridge
MacRae, Walter
Madore, Marc
Maillet, Arthur
Manderville, Howard
Manderville, William
McCarthy, Lawrence
McCarthy, Vincent
McEvoy, Arnold
McEvoy, David
McEvoy, Urben
McLaughlin, Stanley
McMahon, Rev. Bernard
Moody, Harold
Morehouse, Roland
Morgan, Rev. J.E.
Mountain, Eric
Mountain, Gordon
Mountain, Percy
Mountain, Willis
Muck, Burton
Muck, Herman
Muck, Marven
Muck, Ralph
Munn, Elmer
Murray, Hugh
Myers, Frank
Oak, George
O’Brien, Charles
O’Brien, Clarence
O’Brien, George
Parker, Basil M. (M.M.)
Parks, George
Pauley, Ronald
Peterson, Merlin
Porter, Thomas

Pratt, Harry
Price, Reginald
Ring, Harrison
Robertson, Melvin
Ross, Basil
Ross, Gerald
Ross, Joseph (Jr)
Ross, Joseph (Sr)
Routledge, George
Schofield, Burton
Schofield, Dennis
Schofield, Maxwell
Smith, Percy
Stephens, Harry
Stewart, Claude
Stewart, Gordon
Stewart, Irvine
Stewart, Irving M.
Stewart, Leslie
Stewart, Reginald
Stewart, Thomas
Sturgeon, Carl
Sturgeon, David
Sturgeon, Earle
Sturgeon, Frank
Sturgeon, Harold
Sturgeon, Haysen
Sturgeon, James
Sturgeon, Weldon
Sturgeon, William
Sturgeon, Wilson
Sutherland, Lawrence
Taylor, Harvey
Taylor, Herbert
Thibodeau, Robert
Thibodeau, Agapit
Thurston, George
Tucker, Vincent
Underhill, Alvin
Underhill, Cameron
Underhill, Carl
Underhill, Clifton
Underhill, Eugene
Underhill, Fred
Underhill, Harry
Underhill, Hubert
Underhill, Hudson
Underhill, Joel
Underhill, John
Underhill, Louis
Underhill, Robert M.
Underhill, Vance
Underhill, Wesley
Urquhart, Murdock
Vickers, Benjamin
Vickers, Graydon
Vickers, Melvin
Vickers, Robert
Walls, Benjamin
Walls, Donald
Walls, Eric
Walls, Hayward
Walls, James
Walls, Roland
Walls, Theodore
Walls, Rev. Victor
Walls, Wilmot
Walsh, Patrick
Warren, Cecil
Warren, Howard
Warren, Herbert (Sr)
Warren, Perley
Warren, Ralph
Washburn, Dennis
Washburn, Fred J.
Washburn, Robert B.
Whalen, Ferdon
White, Cecil
White, Howard
Williams, William
Wilson, Perley
Young, Benjamin
Young, Cecil (Jr)
Young, John

We took great effort to offer you a complete list of those servicemen and women who were killed in battle or passed away since demobilization. If you have additions/corrections, please contact us by email at .

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