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NB EMO: Hurricane Fiona could bring storm surge to New Brunswick

Residents are urged to be prepared and stay informed as the impact of hurricane Fiona is expected to be felt in New Brunswick on Friday and Saturday.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, hurricane Fiona is expected to bring wind and rain to mainly eastern and southern areas of the province. The exact track of the system will determine the extent to which areas will be the most impacted.

Possible conditions include:

  • storm surges, especially on the eastern shore;
  • elevated water levels, very large waves and rough surf on Saturday along the eastern coast;
  • northwesterly winds of up to 100 km/h along the southern and eastern coasts with more than 120 km/h winds over the southeastern coast; and
  • total rainfall amounts of 50 mm in the extreme southeast.

The New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization is ready to co-ordinate with and support local governments and first responders to assist residents and communities, should the need arise.

New Brunswickers can take steps to protect their families and their properties, including:

  • monitoring local forecasts;
  • making sure catch basins and gutters are clear and are guiding water away from the home;
  • securing or storing lawn furniture and other items on the property to prevent damage from high winds; and
  • having a 72-hour emergency preparedness kit.

Power outages are possible. To prepare for or report an outage, visit NB Power’s website. Residents who have a generator should ensure they have sufficient fuel and that it is in proper working order. Those who have a generator but have never used it are encouraged to read the instructions on how to operate it safely.

Anyone travelling in the province this weekend should monitor conditions, especially if they are unfamiliar with the region. If driving is necessary, adjust speed and route to match road conditions. Localized water pooling on roads and washouts are possible. For road conditions, dial 511 within New Brunswick.

More information about storm preparedness is available online.


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