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Lock and Key Draw Fundraiser to Support Blackville Recreation Council

The Blackville Recreation Council has started a Lock and Key Draw fundraiser that will support community programs. Tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10 and are available at Brennan’s Irving, 100 Main Street.

The first draw is on May 1, and every Monday thereafter.


  1.  Tickets are $5 each.  Put your name and phone number on your ticket.
  2. Every week the total ticket sales will be put into 3 envelopes. Half of the funds will go into the Blackville Recreation Council envelope and the other half will be divided evenly and put into the other two envelopes.
  3. One envelope will be for the person with the winning ticket drawn each week.  One envelope will be for the Blackville Recreation Council.  One envelope will go into a locked box.
  4. The first week of the draw there will be 20 identical keys in a bag but only 1 key in the bag will fit the locked box.
  5. The key that unlocks the box will be used to unlock the box showing there is a key in the bag that does unlock the box.
  6. Every week a winning ticket will be drawn. The winning ticket holder (or their designated person) will draw one of the keys from the bag.  If the key fits the lock, they will get the envelope inside the box along with the envelope they get for the winning ticket.
  7. If they draw the wrong key, the envelope with a 3rd of the ticket sales stays in the locked box.
  8. The next week the ticket sales will again be put into 3 envelopes.  Once again one envelope for the Blackville Recreation Council, one envelope for the winning ticket holder and one envelope for the locked box.
  9. Once again, the winning ticket holder will receive one envelope and draw a key from the bag with only one key fitting the locked box.  Since the last weeks winning holder picked the wrong key, this time there are two envelopes in the locked box and only 19 keys in the box.
  10. If the wrong key is picked again, the next draw will have three envelopes in the locked box and 18 keys in the bag.  Wrong key gain.  Next draw 4 envelopes in the box and 17 keys in the bag.  Wrong key again, next draw 5 envelopes in the box and 16 keys in the bag.
  11. This will continue with one more envelope in the locked box and one less key in the draw bag each week until the right key chosen.
  12. When the right key is drawn the winning ticket holder will have won the envelope with a 3rd of the ticket sales for that particular week plus however many envelopes are in the locked box.
  13. When the right key is drawn, the Blackville Rec Countil will apply for a new license and after approval they will start back to envelope in the box and 20 keys in the draw bag.
  14. Each draw will be recorded to ensure all rules are being followed.
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