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Local Businesses Support Breastfeeding Week

In Canada, breastfeeding week is celebrated from October 1st to the 7th. Local businesses in Blackville have been proudly supporting families by wearing breastfeeding buttons this week.

Leading health experts agree that breastfeeding is recognized as the gold standard for providing the best start in life for babies and helps to improve the health of mothers. Health Canada and the World Health Organization recommend exclusive breastfeeding until babies are 6 months old. Then, age-appropriate solid foods should be included while continuing to breastfeed for up to 2 years or more.

Breastfeeding is not always easy. It takes time, practice and support.  Mothers need active family support to start and continue breastfeeding. Women who have partners and parents that support their decision, end up breastfeeding longer.

In the spirit of Breastfeeding Week, New Brunswick’s theme is: “Working Together Makes Breastfeeding Better”. This campaign recognizes that no one breastfeeds alone and that support from fathers, partners and grandparents can make all the difference.  A little reassurance, encouragement, helping with household chores and being aware of support services in your community, goes a long way.  Starting in October check out for resources, local support services and more. You can also follow Breastfeeding NB Allaitement on Facebook.

Wellness week also takes place October 1st -7th. While family support is key, all New Brunswickers are encouraged to help build wellness-supporting environments that recognize the importance of breastfeeding. Accepting breastfeeding as the normal way of feeding a baby and supporting a mother’s right to breastfeed anywhere, anytime can help create communities in which breastfeeding is welcomed and supported. Together, we can bring down barriers to breastfeeding, and create a stronger, healthier New Brunswick.

Working together makes breastfeeding better!


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