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Hunter education course goes online

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FREDERICTON (GNB) – The province’s hunter education course will be available online starting Feb. 1. The course will feature comprehensive, interactive online instruction covering all aspects of hunter safety with end-of-chapter quizzes and reviews.

“The hunting tradition runs deep in our province, which is why I am pleased that the bilingual hunter education course will be delivered online as another way for New Brunswickers to enroll and complete the course at their own pace,” said Natural Resources and Energy Development Minister Mike Holland. “The course will still be available in person, but since the start of the pandemic, it has not been easy to offer a full schedule of classroom courses. I encourage New Brunswickers to take advantage of this new opportunity so that when we can resume, any classroom time is used efficiently for the firearm safety portion.”

A partnership has been established with to develop and deliver Part B of the New Brunswick Hunter Education Course online. The organization currently provides similar courses in several jurisdictions across Canada and the United States.

After completing the online course, students will write the exam. Their results will be shared with the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development for inclusion in their Outdoors Card profile.

The Federal Firearms Safety portion must still be taken in person through the province’s Conservation Education System in order to qualify to hunt with firearms.

Further information is available online.

31-01-22 (GNB: Natural Resources and Energy Development)

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