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Halloween Curfew Set for 8:00PM in Blackville

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Halloween is Monday, October 31 and the curfew for Door to Door Trick-or-Treating within the Village of Blackville limits is 8:00 pm. After this time masks must be removed and door to door trick-or-treating must cease. Have fun and be safe!

Tips for celebrating Halloween safely (GNB/Public Health recommendations from 2020)

Try to limit your trick-or-treating to one neighbourhood and keep track of where you go.

Anyone at higher risk should avoid participating in Halloween activities.  This includes people with medical conditions (such as heart disease, high blood pressure, lung disease, diabetes, cancer) people with weakened immune systems from a medical condition or treatment, and older adults.

If you are in a higher risk group, you may choose to put a sign on your door such as “Have a Happy and Safe Halloween: No visitors please.”

If providing treats:

  • Wash or sanitize your hands before touching treats.
  • Do not offer home-made treats.
  • Do not permit children to take candy from a bowl of treats unless the treats are arranged so that children won’t come in contact with other treats when they grab theirs. Doing up individual treat bags is a good option.
  • Consider offering non-food treats such as stickers, small toys, colourful pencils, note books or erasers, colouring books, activity passes, or books. Non-food treats are a healthier option than candy any time of year.
  • Make an effort to frequently disinfect any high touch areas, such as hand rails, doorbells or door knobs.
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