Curbside Recycling

Many of the materials we throw away can be recycled. Recycling conserves natural resources using less energy and raw materials to produce new products. Recycling helps protect the environment, removes harmful substances from the waste stream, diverts waste from the landfill and extends the life of the facility

  • Recyclables are deposited loose in the blue cart, no need to sort, tie, or bundle.
  • All items must be in the cart, items placed next to the cart will not be collected.
  • Materials should be clean, rinsed and dry, flattened or crushed. Lids, caps, and labels are accepted.

Identify plastics by locating the number within a recycling symbol, usually found on the bottom of the container lid. If the plastic is not clearly marked with a number within a recycling symbol, then it is non-compliant.

NO PLASTIC BAGS: Shopping bags can be brought to participating retail stores (i.e. grocery stores). All other plastic bags including bread bags, food storage bags, flyer bags, etc. can be disposed with garbage.

EXCEPTION: Shredded paper must be deposited in a tied transparent bag.

  • Collection of recyclables (carts) and Waste will alternate weekly (on Thursday's within the village)
  • The blue cart is to be used only for recyclables and not to hold garbage. Waste/Recyclables collectors will determine if your cart poses a contamination risk. If your cart has soiled materials or contains garbage, the cart will not be emptied; therefore you should put the items out the following week for waste collection.

Recycling Tips

  • Flatten cardboard and box board.
  • Rinse all plastic containers and metal cans. This prevents any smell from your stored recyclables and ensures they can be recycled.
  • Glass bottles are not accepted in the recycling program and must be sorted from the rest of the materials during processing.  Unless they can be reused in some way or are accepted at other recycling centers in the region, both should be discarded with your regular garbage.
  • Styrofoam is a #6 plastic and is not accepted for recycling.

Recycling Hotline
For information on the recycling program, call the Recycling Hotline at 778.CART(2278) or Toll Free 1.844.307 CART (2278).