Sewer Bill Payments


ENACTED ON May 11, 2017

New Policy

Sewer Disconnection Policy for ALL properties connected to the municipal sewerage system.

The policy will ensure a standard and uniform procedure for staff to follow when determining when sewer service will be disconnected.

Staff is aware of the hardship that will be placed on residents when their sewer service is removed.

The implication of disconnection of sewer service to a structure is such that the structure is no longer available for residential living and/or business operations.  Persons in the structure will need to relocate to another place of residence or place of business. There will be a cost to move, as well as the cost for sewer arrears, disconnection and re-connection fees.

Responsibilities of the Municipality

  • Ensure that the property owner has been informed of the disconnection date
  • Ensure that the property owner is aware of the $500 disconnection fee to be charged to the property
  • Ensure that the property owner is aware of the $500 re-connection fee, payable in full before reconnection occurs
  • Ensure the Department of Health and Wellness is aware of the sewer disconnection

Responsibilities of the Property Owner

  • To be aware that failure to pay their sewerage fees or make suitable arrangements will result in an additional $1,000.00 cost being charged to the property to cover the disconnection/re-connection fees.

Criteria to Disconnect - Sewer Arrears

When an account meets the following criteria, it shall be scheduled for disconnection, unless payment for prior year(s) is made or suitable payment arrangements have been agreed to by the Municipality.


1. Sewer account balance for prior year(s) is greater than $300
2. Sewer fees for current year are not included in balance.
3. Costs for disconnection and re-connection are not included in balance.

Procedure ‚Äď Time Table Disconnection

After January 1st of each year a review of all sewer account balances shall be conducted to identify the balances for prior year(s). If an account is identified as having sewerage arrears greater than $300 it shall be scheduled for disconnection.

  • All disconnections shall be scheduled between May and October.
  • A notice be sent by registered mail to the property owner requesting that full payment or suitable payment arrangements be made with the Village within 30 days or the property will be scheduled for disconnection.
  • A final notice be sent by registered mail to the property owner advising of the date sewer will be disconnected.
  • After disconnection, the disconnection fee of $500 will be placed on the sewer account.

Procedure ‚Äď Time Table Reconnection

Upon payment of cash, money order, or certified cheque for the full amount of arrears and the $500 disconnection fee and the $500 re-connection fee the village will arrange to re-connect the sewer within three (3) working days. All restoration will be completed by the village.

Payment options