Building Permits

buildingA Public Notice to Homeowners, Developers and Contractors

Prior to starting the work, a BUILDING PERMIT is required for:

Residential single unit dwelling

  • Construction of new homes, including modular homes (pre-fab homes);
  • Placing, relocating new and used mini-homes and mobile-homes;
  • Construction or placement of a shed, barn, garage, storage building, etc., including pre-fabricated buildings;
  • Construction of a deck, balcony, verandah, roof assembly, ramp, etc.;
  • Interior renovations, including walls (non-loadbearing and loadbearing), new stairs, new bedrooms, finishing of basements, etc.;
  • Structural exterior renovations, including exterior wall or roof sheathing (not re-roofing or re-siding), changing windows and doors sizes, changing bedroom window;
  • New foundation, or the addition of one to an existing dwelling;
  • Construction or installation of a fence, enclosure, or signage;
  • Additions to any of the above, requires a building permit.
  • Interior maintenance work such as painting, replacing floor finishes, new cabinets are exempted from a building permit.

All other uses, including residential two unit dwellings and more

  • Construction of all new buildings and structures (including accessory buildings);
  • Additions to all buildings and structures;
  • Placing or relocating of a building or structure;
  • All interior renovations, except new flooring, painting, and other cosmetic changes which are not regulated by the National Building Code of Canada;
  • All exterior renovations, including re-siding;
  • Construction or installation of a fence, enclosure or signage;
  • New foundation to a building or structure;
  • Electrical work that impacts fire alarms, emergency lighting, exit signage, fire separations or structural components;
  • Changes or installation to a sprinkler system or ventilation system;
  • Change in use of a building

DEMOLITION of buildings and structures also require a permit.

For any other work not mentioned above, please contact the GMRSC Planning Services at 506-778-5359 or toll free 1-855-647-5359, and ask a Building Inspector if the work you are considering, requires a building or demolition permit. Work commenced prior to the issuance of a permit, may result in legal action against the property owner.

Please contact our office (506-778-5359) or visit our website ( to inquire about what information and documents will be required upon application for a building or demolition permit. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Doaktown office: 8 Miramichi Street, Doaktown NB

Tel.: 506-365-7332. Open on Tuesdays, April to September, from 9am to 3 pm (call for appointment)