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Former Blackville Student at University Nationals in Fredericton

Former Blackville High School student Aaron Dunn and the UNB Cougars are hosting the 2017 Canadian Collegiate Baseball Association National Championships this weekend at Royals Field in Fredericton.The first year Engineering student joined the team in September. Dunn is pictured third from left in the photo above.

Aaron, the son of Harry and Dawn Dunn, grew up in Keenans and graduated from Blackville School in June.

His first years of baseball were played in Blackville, where he was coached by his mother. Dunn played hockey and soccer at Blackville School last season and was a member of the Provincial Championship soccer team in grade 11. He played AAA ball for his first year of Bantam as a member of the Chatham Ironmen.  After this, Dunn became a member of the Miramichi Twins, where he played at the A level ball for three years, before playing at the AA level in his final season.

As a member of the Twins, Dunn won back to back Provincial Championship Titles during the 2015 and 2016 seasons.  He was a huge part of these teams success with his all-star pitching and playing third base. Dunn also was picked up by the Chatham Head Tigers for the Atlantics in 2016.

Upon admission to the University of New Brunswick, Aaron’s goal was to make it onto one of the best university ball teams in the country.

Daniel Richard and Marlee Schofield of Blackville School’s school newspaper caught up with Aaron recently:

Do you find it difficult managing your time between baseball and classwork?
Yeah, I do find it hard, I usually try to get my work done as soon as possible so that I don’t get behind on it.

Did you think you had a good shot to make the team as a freshman?
Honestly, I thought I wasn’t going to make the team.  It took me by a big surprise.

How were University baseball tryouts different than others you have taken part in?
The tryouts were different then others I have been a part of because they tried us all in games instead of using drills.

Do you find that university ball is a lot different than minor ball was?
In university, the pitchers throw a lot harder and the batters hit a lot harder too.  As a pitcher, I realized I can’t get away with just throwing fastballs anymore.”

Were you nervous the first time you stepped onto the mound with your Cougars jersey on?
Yeah, I was nervous, but I knew that I had to play my best, so I tried my best to not think about it.

How do you enjoy playing in front of the larger crowds this season?
I like playing in front of big crowds because it helps get me pumped up.

At the beginning of the season did you expect the team to make it this far?
I thought we would have a good team, but I didn’t know how far we would go.

How do you think the team will perform this weekend?
I think we have a good enough team to win it all, as long as we stay focused and keep our heads in the game.

What team do you expect will be your biggest competition in this upcoming weekend?
McGill probably, they won Nationals the last two seasons.

Dunn says he plans on playing ball next summer, and he will definitely be trying out for the UNB team again.

With files from The Blackville Talon (Daniel Richard / Marlee Schofield)

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