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Doaktown Sawmill: COVID-19 Procedures For Out of Province Workers

Irving Sawmill Division has released COVID-19 procedures for out of province workers working on the JDI Doaktown Mill expansion.

An overview of plans have been provided to ensure the health and safety of all employees at the Doaktown site.

  • Plans regarding isolation of out of province workers are approved by WorkSafe NB.
  • Separate entrance to the construction area.
  • Designated parking lots to avoid interactions with local employees.
  • Separate and designated lunchroom, washrooms, safety walk route to avoid interactions with local employees.
  • On site food service deliveries provided by Pond’s Nature resort and packed individually without contact.
  • Out of province workers identified by coloured vest on work site.
  • Separate lunchroom for out of province workers will allow for social distancing rules and be equipped with approved disinfection products.
  • Lunchrooms/washrooms to be cleaned by First General from Doaktown twice per shift with approved disinfectant products.
  • 24/7 security watch by Industrial Security and/or video monitoring at Pond’s and work site to ensure compliance, including:
    • Keeping a record of the daily time of arrival, name of employees and license plate number of all employees when arriving at their accommodation(s).
    • Auditing if cars/contractors are at the camp/hotels during the evenings and to make certain that Isolation is always respected.
    • Out of Province workers being found not respecting the isolation plans will be directed to leave the province. Zero tolerance will apply.
    • Running errands for contractors as they are not allowed to leave the mill or their hotel rooms.
    • Will have a supply of provisions (basic medications etc..) in case of emergency needs.
    • All services are available by a bilingual person.
    • Auditing food deliveries at the hotel and cleaning standards of the rooms.
    • Ensure catering companies staff using proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when delivering food.
    • Ensure accommodation staff using proper PPE and proper cleaning products when cleaning the rooms.
    • Ensure all contractor staff stay in their designated rooms.

Not following isolation plans will result in the
Out of Province worker(s) being sent home.


  1. Why can’t New Brunswick workers complete the work?
    Up to now all work has been completed by New Brunswick or “Atlantic Bubble” workers. We are now installing the specialized equipment that must be installed by the qualified technicians from the equipment manufacturers.
  2. Is the government aware of these workers coming to the mill?
    ALL safety plans regarding out of province workers have been reviewed and approved by Worksafe NB. All travelers must also register with the government of NB and get a registration # to enter the province.
  3. Can they go thru drive-thru’s like Tim Horton’s?
    No. The travelers can only stop at our work site, their accommodations and for fuel (pay at the pump only).
  4. If they stay longer than 14 days can they then move around the community?
    No, all travelers will be required to maintain their isolation from the community for the duration of their stay.
  5. What happens if they need something from the store while they are here?
    We have designated people from JDI and Pond’s that will pick up required items and drop them off in a secure and contactless manner.
  6. How are they getting their meals?
    All meals are dropped at their accommodations, or dedicated lunchroom on the work site. No contact will be made by anyone bringing or serving meals to the out of province workers.
  7. How are we monitoring the travelers for symptoms of COVID-19?
    Travelers are tested on days 1, 4 and 8 for COVID-19. They are also given temperature scans 3 times a day – at the start of day, mid-day and when returning to their accommodations at night. Health questionnaires are also completed and recorded daily.
  8. Are these travelers working with our Doaktown employees?
    Workers are separated from the time they arrive on site. Travelers have dedicated parking, lunchroom, washroom, meeting spaces and separate access to the building. There is a 7’ construction fence separating the construction area from our normal operations area inside the building.
  9. How does someone know if an employee is from out of province?
    All out of province workers have been assigned a unique color safety vest compared to all our regular employees. If we see one, it is a trigger to remind us that they are from out of province and extra cautions must be taken.
  10. What happens if they break the rules?
    A zero-tolerance policy is in effect. If anyone violates the plan and does something that would put an employee or the community at risk, they will immediately be sent out of province.

Have a question? Please send to or call Norm Grantley at (506) 365-1020.

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