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Blackville Outdoor Rink Closed for Season

The Blackville Outdoor Rink has officially closed for the season. The warmer temperatures and abundance of snowstorms made making ice a difficult task this winter. In a statement Friday evening, Rec Council President and Deputy Mayor Ian Fortune made the announcement.

Thank You
To all the volunteers who made it possible to keep the rink going this winter, the biggest “Thank You” possible! There is no way the rink would ever be a possibility without the people who come out at -28 degrees late at night to drag a hose across a frozen piece of ice to spray water to maintain the rink! The numerous times you helped scrape and snow blow, storm after storm, do not go unnoticed! Also to their spouses and partners, THANK YOU, for supporting the rink with your sacrifice of family time. To all the skaters, thank you for coming day after day. It makes it all worthwhile to watch young and old alike enjoy the rink.
Sincerely, Ian Fortune

Photo: Girl Guides, Brownies and Sparks enjoying a skate at the Blackville Outdoor Rink earlier this winter.

Miramichi River Valley

Miramichi River Valley

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